EAA Chapter 821

Springfield, MO

Founded 1983

Everybody with an interest in aviation is welcome to our monthly business meetings & Saturday morning breakfast "hangar flying" sessions.  Make new friends and plan flying adventures.

Several members of EAA Chapter 821 are currently building their own airplanes, and others have already completed their planes and are flying them. 

See our members projects

If you've always wanted to learn to fly, or you  already have your pilots license but haven't flown for a while EAA Chapter 821 is what you're looking for.  One of our members is a flight instructor.

If you are looking for a less expensive way to fly look no further than the flying club organized by one of our members.  You can even join the club and learn to fly with the club's Light Sport airplane, for a lot less money than you probably think.

EAA 821 members get together and fly to airshows, fly-ins with pancake breakfasts or hamburger cookouts, and sometimes just to try out a new restaurant at some new location.  Any ole' reason is good enough to justify going flying.  Members who have a plane do the flying and other members fill up all the empty seats.

Coming soon to every airport near you

Meet the members of EAA Chapter 821.  Whatever your experience level or area of interest in aviation,  you'll find a member you have something in common with.  EAA 821 members are new friends that you just haven't met yet.

Learn all about EAA Chapter 821 and how you can become a member.  Download a membership application.  Meet our Chapter Officers. Contact us. Discover miscellaneous aviation treasures. Even read our chapter by-laws.  Everything else is located here too.